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What is Veterinarian Connect?

Veterinarian Connect is the largest community dedicated exclusively to professionals in veterinary care. Get started by claiming your profile and then you are invited to connect with your professional peers, gain rewards for focusing on your career, and take advantage of opportunities to be a speaker, earn CE credits, make new connections, and more.

How do I join the Veterinarian Connect community?

Veterinarians may join by creating an account. Simply click on “Sign up” and follow the instructions to claim or create your profile. You will need to verify your identity, establish a secure login, and complete your account activation.

Who can join the community?

Veterinarians practicing in the U.S. may join this community by creating an account, which requires State License Number among other details.

Is there a cost to join or to participate?

There is no cost for veterinarians to join or to participate in the offerings of Veterinarian Connect. Services provided by our partners may have costs which do not pertain to our community.

Why does Veterinarian Connect need my email?

Your email address is used as your sign in credentials to securely login in to Veterinarian Connect. You will also receive communications via email about your Veterinarian Connect account and activity.

Can international veterinarians sign up?

We are currently only available to U.S. veterinarians.

Is Veterinarian Connect an EMR or EHR?

No, Veterinarian Connect is a private and independent network designed exclusively to be a professional community for veterinarians.

What are ‘Connections’ and should I add them?

Your Connections is a way to keep track of your professional peers in veterinary medicine. When someone accepts your invitation to connect, they will be placed on your list of Connections, allowing you to easily message each other. Members can also earn reward points for making Connections.

What happens when I send an invitation to join to someone who hasn’t already joined the Veterinarian Connect community?

You may invite non-members to create an account. Members may log in and go to their Connections and choose to “Send Invites” so that recipients will receive an email with a link to register for an account with Veterinarian Connect.

Why am I getting emails from Veterinarian Connect?

You will receive emails from Veterinarian Connect when you have an Account and participate in activities on the site (you may adjust your notification preferences), and when fellow members invite you to be a Connection.